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Tyler Florence
This journal is friends-only. If you would like to be added, please just comment.

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Hi. I added you to my baby journal. You had added me a while back to your friends list. (I'm twilight_garden.) I just figured I'd let you know what I did. :)

Hi wanted to add you as a friend. I am also on Clomid and waiting to do an IUI. The IUI was canceled because my left tube is blocked and the follicles were on my left ovary this cycle so there was no point in doing the IUI. Hopefully next cycle.

Sending you lots of luck that this will be your last cycle of trying!

More friends are always welcome! I just added you.

Hi I am laura. I was wondering if you would add me.

I also have PCOS and will be taking my first round of clomid in june.
I use the .... a lot....if that bothers might not want to add me...


I added you back. Best of luck!

Hey there, I added you. I hope you don't mind.


I rather dropped off the TTC/LJ planet for a few months, because I was so fried. I'm back now, though, and would love if you'd add me again. I'm curious to know how things have been for you....

Welcome back! Actually, I never un-friended you. According to my user info, you should be there. I haven't been updating much ...

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linked to you from "I Wasted All That Birth Control" You sound much the way I do, though my kid is now 6, and my IR was diagnosed right after he was born. Metformin has been my friend...though not my TTC friend. There are other issues there...
Anyway, I'd love to add you, and have you add me back. If you'd rather I not, I'll understand, and slip back into the night.

Added you back. Welcome. *G*

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We seem to have a lot of friends in common, so I thought maybe we could friend each other?

HI! Was hoping I could be added. Sounds like I have a similar infertility situation/plan, and wanted to read about your success story. Also, based on your userinfo, sounds like we have a fair amount in common!

You can most certainly be added. Sorry, I haven't had much time to post lately. Welcome!

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Hi! I wasn't sure if you were commenting to me or the OP in breastfeeding? Either way, I'm always open to new friends! :)

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